Cameron University Scrimmage; Elgin vs Lawton IKE

Picture taken at SNU: Elgin vs Bethany Scrimmage by Kyla Mansel and Hailey Lund

Jonathan Christensen on the right with Coach Wyatt
Drevon Kaywaykla








Brady Ferrell










Today is August 23, 2016 and as Elgin prepares for the Scrimmage, let me assure you that spirits are high and the players are excited about this season.  Interviews with some of the players show excitement, commitment, and teamwork within the squads which should make for a great year.   Currently Michael Davis is injured and out until he recovers from a concussion, but should return before the first district game.  Noah Taiese states that he came from a school with a program that wasn’t very good, but is excited to walk into a program like the Elgin Owls! Noah is a move in from Hawaii and has shown to be a promising player and quarterback this year.  The coaching staff this year is assisted from some Owl Alumni, Jonathan Christiansen, Brady Ferrell and Drevon Kaywaykla which were starters in their years at Elgin and they are bringing some insight from their level as a player to the teams players and being very helpful.  We look forward to a great year.  Go Owls!!


Come out and support our Owls on Thursday at Cameron Stadium or watch our live stream at

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