Going for the Gold!

Today was a long day of class competition at Elgin High School. The classes took on the challenge in a traditional window decorating competition that will be judged tomorrow, the 14th of September.  This tradition has been going on for many years and brings numerous creative ideas to the table.   One thing is for sure, no matter who wins this battle, every class is a winner to our district as we have a great group of students that represent the Elgin Owls very well!


From the Sophomores, we have a 3D view of Olympic venues with an added challenge call to Anadarko, “Bring the Salt, Because we have the Pepper!”  Pepper Ferrell that is! Number 25 for the Owls.

img_0846img_0844 img_0843






Junior Class bringiimg_0839ng out “Go for the Gold!, Beat the Warriors!” Which I am sure we will do as the Mighty Owls Football team are working hard reviewing video and preparing this week for a tough match-up.




img_0838Senior Class: “Taking home the Gold, One last time” as they prepare themselves for challenges to come after graduation.  With college preparation and ACT and/or SAT testing on their mind as well as many other things that they will run into on their long journey to Adulthood..  Good luck to our Seniors on the venture and God Speed!






Freshman Class: This is my Day this is my purpose, I’m Not afraid to win” Gold Medalist Kayla Harrison (Judo).   The class of 2020 brings the big guns with drawings of different athletes in multiple costumes.  Great Job freshman and good luck!

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