Third Times A Charm

For the third straight year, the Elgin High School cheerleading team is going to the State competition.
Coached by Beverly Albert, the Lady Owls attacked regionals this year and came out with a higher score than the previous two years.
With difficult stunts and tumbling, sharp jumps and motions, and loud chanting; the Lady Owls are all in.
Head coach, Coach Albert, thinks this is the year the Lady Owls will claim their state championship title.
“Commitment and confidence. Everybody is committed to winning this year”, says Coach Albert. “We have a good chance to bring [the state title] home as long as everybody stays committed and dedicated.”
For the Lady Owls, hard work and dedication was only a piece of the puzzle for a shot at a state competition bid; pure motivation for a place at state is what drives the Elgin cheerleading team.
Flashback to the 2013 Elgin high school cheerleading team who missed the state competition by 3 points.
Senior captain Allie Rankin remembers that day vividly and uses it as her motivation.
“That’s our motivation. Freshman year was rough and last year at state we didn’t do well so we just want to prove that we are a good team and that we do have a lot of ability,” says Rankin.
For senior captain Kaylee Hays, she wanted to show people that cheerleading isn’t as easy as it seems.
“I just want to prove to them that we can be something,” says Hays, “I want to prove people wrong.”
Excited, relieved, and proud were just a few of the words being thrown around by captains Alexis Shaver, Allie Rankin, and Kaylee Hays when asked how they felt about a third berth to the state competition.
“The teams worked better together this year,” Alexis Shaver comments.
Allie Rankin also adds, ” We’ve worked harder, we want to win. The atmosphere is so much better this year.”
The best part for the whole team is the message they get to leave behind.
“It’s exciting knowing that we’re leaving a legacy with our third year streak of going to state,” notes Rankin.
The next legacy for the Lady Owls to leave is a state championship banner in the high school gym.
The Lady Owls compete this Saturday at 2:09 in Stillwater, at the Gallagher-Iba arena, with a chance to earn their state champion title.

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