KrisCross Gym helps put Elgin on the Map!

KrisCross Gym is owned and operated by Kris Wilson.  This business is fairly new to the Elgin Community and has been able to grow to a level that is now competing statewide.  This past weekend, September, 2016 KrisCross Gym was able to pull second with every group that competed at the State Fair Grounds.   Teams from around the area, to including Dallas Texas, competed and our very own small town gym was able to compete and show their Elgin Pride.   Way to go girls and keep it up!   Cheer is an integral part of our school program and this is a great feeder program to assist Ms. Albert the head coach for Elgin High School in getting girls that will be ready for competitions at the school level.  Thanks again to Kris Wilson as she provides a great service to our community and jobs to some of our current high school cheer ladies.  Great Job, Cheer Squads!

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