The Owls Baseball Nest is getting a face-lift!

With many different determining factors on why certain sports get certain new items, there is one thing for sure!  Baseball has many great attributes to include its staff, players, community support, and baseball families that have been so kind as to help raise money to be able to upgrade a much needed scoreboard for the Elgin High School Baseball Program.  The Owls Baseball has had many successful years of baseball and has been able to do most upgrades with community support.  As everyone knows, bond issues are hard to get approved, and baseball is not projected to be on the next bond as a topic. So, baseball must have great supporters, as shown with the first half of the upgrades, Elgin Baseball will be able to impose for their players and teams. Thanks to all the supporters and organizations that were able to provide funding to help offset the cost and purchase of the O’s Baseball Scoreboard.

The following businesses were essential in the purchase of the scoreboard this year:  Dacus, Liberty National Bank, Elgin Realty, Fort Sill FCU, Boompa’s, PEVER, Southwest Vet. Clinic, All American Bank, Taylor Made Custom Cabinets, and Glover.

The following baseball players helped raise funds for the baseball scoreboard and will be put on a banner showing their support, this season:

Triple’s Club:  Corbin Ramos

Double’s Club: Zane Bridges, Bowin Hargis, Braeden Moreland, Josh Reniger, Matthew Williams, and Tyler Sweeney