PSA: Halloween Safety

Halloween season is in full swing! With Halloween coming up, here at The Nest, we find it necessary to remind you of the possible dangers of Halloween.

Keeping your children safe on Halloween should be a priority! Make sure your children are safe from danger. Ensure your children are traveling in groups – not alone. If you are not walking with your child, make sure they have a way to communicate with you, such as by phone.

If you are walking in a dark area, make sure you have something to light your way, such as a flashlight. Also, make sure your child doesn’t enter a stranger’s home.

One of the most important things to do this Halloween is check your children’s candy. Candy and other treats can be easily tampered with. A major sign is rewrapped candy. If you find anything dangerous about your Halloween Candy, contact the local authorities.  Read more

Pep Rally

This friday is the pep rally is in your 7th hour. This pep rally is to support your Elgin Owl Football boys in their last home game of the year. The pep rally is going to be on the football field. Make sure and be on time to see your football boys get ready for your game. Senior Night festivities will take place before the game at 6:45. The senior cheerleaders, band, and football players will recognized at the prep rally. Be there or be square! Go Owls!

Weatherford vs. Elgin

This Friday, October 28 Elgin Owls will take on the Weatherford Eagles at the Elgin stadium at 7 pm. In District 4A, Weatherford is ranked number 3 while elgin is ranked 4th. This game will be crucial to the Elgin football team if they would like to make it to the playoffs. It would be greatly appreciated if students of Elgin High School would come out and support the owls in what could be a great game leading to Elgin playing playoffs. The student section theme this week will be Aloha in honor of it being senior night. All students can dress up in Hawaiian or Island wear to get pumped for the game. It is sure to be a great game so come out and be part of something big…GO OWLS!


Trail of Fear

lawton-trail-of-fearThe Trail of Fear is a scream park located in Lawton, Oklahoma. This will be the 19th year of it being hosted. It is the largest and #1 ranked attraction in Oklahoma and Top 31 Haunted Attractions in the USA. The ticket booth is open nightly from 6:30 pm to 10:00 pm, Haunted attractions open at dark, all other attractions (including Pumpkin Junction) open at 7:00 pm. There are various things to do at the Trail of Fear such as, paintball target range, inflatable miniature golf, and various inflatable activities (Children under 12). New events coming to the Trail of Fear will be, The Magical Work of Ron, costs is $5, The Black Swan Pirate Ship Museum, costs is $3, and Ghost Cart Racing, costs is $3. If you want a good scare come on out to the Trail of Fear!


Elementary Book Fair



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The Pre-K through 6th graders are having a book fair. The start of the book fair is November 9th and that is the Preview Day for the book fair. On November 10th through the 18th the book fair is in the 3rd grade and 6th grade library. The library has 12 cases of books, pencils, erasers, and much more. Some things they have new titles in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid Series, the new last kids on earth. Then on November 1st through November 8th the Elementary  school is doing a money war the winning grade level gets a movie party so all students should bring in money for their grade to win. The money is for teachers to get books from the book fair for the classrooms and every kid in Pre-K through 6th that doesn’t have enough money gets to have a book. Community night for the book fair is November 10th through the 17th from 4 pm to 7 pm.

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Red Ribbon Week !


Hey boys and girls, do you know what this week is ? You guessed right; it’s red ribbon week! StuCo has came up with some wonderful ideas for us to show our spirit this week against drug abuse etc. For instance, Tuesday is mustache day. Wear everything AND anything mustache! Wednesday is CrAzY hat/hair day. So dig out your wackiest hat from your closet or show us your worst bed head! Thursday is probably going to be a easy day to doze off-because it’s pajama day! Probably the easiest day to participate in, considering you could just roll out of bed and make your way to school. Last yet definitely not least is nerd day! So dig up your suspenders, roll your pants high, and put on some big ole’ specs to contribute to our last day of red ribbon week! Stay Drug Free Owls!(: