Elgin Football Wins The Battle Of The Wichitas

fullsizerenderThe Elgin Owls football team recently faced its biggest rival, the Cache Bulldogs, in the Battle Of The Wichitas this past Friday, September 30th. A week prior to the game, tension was already building between the rivals with arguments about who would win swarming social media. Elgin High School Student Council members prepared for the game by decorating signs and posters in hopes of encouraging students to sit together and cheer on the Owls as they battled the Bulldogs. The game had everyone excited to see who would make the first touchdown as the score had remained 0-0, forcing the game to go into overtime. Once the game began to near its end, things got interesting. To the disappointment of many Owl fans, the Cache Bulldogs were the ones to score the first touchdown. Although the crow felt that we would lose, the Owls were not ready to give up. The boys pushed on and scored a touchdown bringing the score to 6-7! The excitement rose as fans anxiously waited to see if the Owls would go into yet another overtime, lose the game by one, or miraculously pull through and beat the bulldogs. The Owls went for the 2 point conversion and Braeden Shackelford, of the Elgin Owls, threw the ball to senior football player, Greydon Buhlig, caught the ball in the end zone and scored for the Owls. Fans were ecstatic, and proud students ran onto the field to celebrate the victory with the team. All together, the team and the students stood on the field as the Owls accepted their Battle Of The Wichitas trophy and the band played the school song. The Battle Of The Wichitas was a great game for the Elgin Owls and something that will remain in students memories for a lifetime. Congratulations Elgin, you deserve it.

Article By: Drue Johnson

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