Student Council Districts

Last Wednesday October 26, 2016 Student Council traveled to Eisenhower High School for the 2016 District 3 Convention. Elgin High School Junior, Ashton Attig, ran for District 3 President by performing a Presidential Debate skit. All members who attended districts participated in the skit and are proud to announce that their very own Secretary of Student Council took the title of President. At next year’s districts, Ashton Attig will attend and speak throughout the event. Members also took part in different breakouts where they learned valuable tools to become better leaders in their school as well as have a little fun. Eisenhower also put on a carnival where the different schools could play games, get their face painted, and participate in Karaoke as well as a pie eating contest. It was also a great time to meet new people from different schools who shared the same passions and goals as well as catch up with old friends. Student Council encourages all members next year to attend the 2017 District 3 Convention.

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