New Semester, New Classes


With the upcoming new semester, those planning for dual enrollment might want to consider doing it soon. The final opportunity to sign up for classes is January 17th.  It would be better to go in to sign up for classes though, because many people will decide to do it last minute. The admissions office for Cameron University is open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  Information for signing for undergraduate admissions will be available on the Cameron website.

Semester Tests

psat-tests                                                                        Attention Elgin students , the semester test are coming up fast. Thursday the 15th and Friday the 16th are semester test dates. On Thursday we will test on odd hours and Friday we will test on even hours. The semester tests are an overall review of the work you did the whole semester. So remember, don’t stress, stay calm, and study. If you need to relieve stress during the test get some gum or mints.

Elgin Takes Putnam City

On December 10th/11th, The Elgin Wrestling team went out to the Putnam City Invitational Tournament. The guys weren’t there to mess around, as all of them placed very well in their weight brackets, including three Champions: Jon Solis (126), Jacob Butler (132), and Isaac Garrett (195). The boys took the adversity  they faced and moved forward to win the overall tournament, with a 0ver all team score of 223 points, the Elgin Wrestlers dominated Putnam as the second highest score was only 163, which belonged to Copell. With the boys bringing home the trophy, their morale is heightened as they move forward in the season. The future looks bright for 2016/17 season

December 2016 4th Grade Musical


On December 15th, 2016, the 4th graders at Elgin Elementary School helped spread holiday cheer, by performing a musical for their parents and fellow students; just in time for the holidays.

The performers surprised the audience with a modern style of Christmas carols, leaving behind the more traditional carols you may be used to. This change is welcomed, however, as these songs were a refreshing change to the songs we’ve all heard a hundred times, year after year.



The Nutcracker

08094_show_landscape_large_03.jpg (606×398)

December 16, 2016 at 7:00pm Cameron University will be hosting the Lawton, Oklahoma Nutcracker at the Lawton Ballet Theatre. The event weather will be 72/50, dress appropriately and stay warm. The event will also be hosted on December 17th and 18th, time for this event will be at 7:00pm as well. Pricing for The Nutcracker will be $7.00 for adult, $5.00 for children, and $5.00 for seniors. The location for this event is 2800 W Gore Boulevard in Lawton.

To get tickets online go to:

Cap & Gown (Senior Class of 2017)

      Jostens has informed the teachers as of November 29th, if you have not purchased a Cap and Gown package, they will notify you that the deadline to order announcements is December 15th and Cap & Gown will be January 15th. The price of the Cap & Gown will increase after January 15th. Orders can be placed online at or by calling customer service at 1-800-567-8367. Please contact a teacher or administrator for any questions or concerns.

Elgin Make A Wish




Oklahoma Highway Patrol grants Ethan Flood, a 6th grader in Elgin his lifetime wish by giving him the chance to be a state trooper for a day. A few OHP officers  including OHP Captain Paul Timmons visited Ethan and surprised him in class. On arrival they gifted Ethan with a Highway Patrol hat and uniform. After meeting with the officers they took a trip to a Highway Patrol Cruiser and Ethan received a tour of the car. Ethan was speechless and surprised that his wish had became a reality.