Yearbook Ads

Attention families of Seniors: If you would like to congratulate your senior and express your pride and love with an ad in the 2018 yearbook.

Message Details:
Sizes & Prices:
1/8 of the page: $35
1/4 of the page: $65
1/2 of the page: $120
A full page       : $225 + FREE Yearbook
Due: Friday, January 19, 2018

Option #1: Let us design your ad
Email us photos and message to, and the yearbook staff will create your ad.

Payment: Send cash or checks payable to Elgin High School to Mrs. Keith in room 3.

Option #2: Design your own online
Submitting the Order Online:
1. Go to and enter the order number 16678.
2. Click Create a Yearbook Ad.
3. Do not click “Upload Photos for the yearbook via aShare.” You will upload your photos 4. as directed during the ad creation process.
5. Follow the prompts to design your ad, add it to your cart and purchase it. Your ad is not complete until you add it to your cart and complete the checkout process.

To make the ad creation process easier, you can watch a video by clicking Watch Video or follow the Online Ad Creation Guide links.

For Tech Support while using the online ad creator, contact Herff  Jones Technical Support at (877) 362-7750

Senior ads will be accepted as long as there is room available in the yearbook. Once space runs out, or we reach our plant deadline, we can no longer accept ads, so make sure you get your ads in early!

No ads will be accepted after January 19, 2017.

For questions, you can contact Mrs. Sarah Keith at or call (580) 492-3670

Picture credit: Jostens

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