Braums and Pizza

October kicks off two of the reading incentives this year, Braum’s Book Buddies and Pizza Hut Book-It. Your child has the opportunity to earn one free ice cream and/or one free personal pan pizza each one they reach their reading goal. For this first month, the goals are pretty easy. We are trying to master getting logged in on the computer to take an AR test and most students still need help while actually testing. So, to earn a reward here are the goals:

Pizza Hut pizza- earn 2 AR points. That’s about 4-5 AR tests per month. The computer keeps track of the points, so no need to worry about keeping track of the points. You can log in at home and check their progress. The website is:

Braum’s ice cream- Read 6 books. Just write down the books your child has read on the reading logs in the daily folder an we will put a sticker ontheir log. When they have 6 stickers they will receive their ice cream coupon.

Picture credit: Wikipedia

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