Red Ribbon Week

On the week of October 24-27 (2017), our school (elementary and middle) are celebrating Red Ribbon Week, which focuses on preventing the use of drugs, alcohol, and and cigarettes for children.  We will be talking about making good choices and bully prevention.  This can be a difficult topic for some parents to approach, but research shows that parents who talk to their children about it are less likely to have kids that participate in these activities.

Some points to be discussed:
1.) Medicinal Safety
2.) Alcohol
3.) Cigarettes
4.) Bullying

Dress-Up Days
Tuesday, October 24 : Team Up Against Drugs – Wear your favorite team jersey.
Wednesday, October 25: Drugs Are “Tacky” (Tacky Tourist Day) – Dress up like a TACKY TOURIST!!
Thursday, October 26 : We’re Crazy About Being Drug Free – Dress as crazy as possible (hair, socks, clothes, etc.)
Friday, October 27 : RED Out against Drugs – Wear as much red as possible.

Together we can make a difference in keeping kids healthy and preventing bullying.

If you have any questions regarding the discussions happening in class, please contact Amber Hughes (School Counselor) at .

Picture credit: Not Your Average Mom

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