Teens and Drugs

Over the past several years there has been a war on teens using drugs. It’s not just drugs either. Smoking, drugs, drinking are all being used. A study showed that 8th-12th graders usage of drugs has increased over 24% since 2016. These are the results from last years (2016) test. Over 40% of American 12th graders are proven to use drugs and 55.7% have used alcohol. Tenth graders have used 28% of some type of drug and 37.7% have experience with alcohol. For 8th, 9th, and 11th statistics show that 12.9% have tried drugs and 18.2% are victims of underage drinking. This study was taken from 45,000 students from 380 public and private schools all across America. Marijuana is the main drug to have been increased. Less and less teens find it dangerous everyday. Todays test results are lower than they were in 1997 it is slowly rising. 12th graders in 2016 who disapproved of this cancerous drug was 68.5% today in 2017 it has become 64.7%. It has been proven that teens between 13-18 prefer weed over normal cigarettes. Vaping is becoming less common over the prefered drug of Marijuana. So parents check in with your kids that they know the dangers of drinking and illicit drugs. To you teens make sure you know the harmful effects of what you choose to use.

Cited source: cnn.com

picture credit: http://www.raptureready.com/timelines-drugs/

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