Winter Wishes 2017 !

Elgin Middle School Student Council is conducting a school-wide outreach program.  We are working to teach and instill important character values in our students by continuing our program called “Winter Wishes.”  Students have been given the opportunity to make two anonymous wishes for someone else.  The wishes range from meeting everyday needs to granting fun gifts for unexpecting students.  Our goal is to fulfill as many wishes as possible throughout the last week of school before winter break, allowing students to see the positive effects of their wishes and to understand the notion that it is better to give than to receive.  These ideas have been incorporated into our curriculum as an additional measure to prepare our students to make appropriate well thought out wishes.

Our student council has been inspired by testimonaials from other schools that have similiar programs.  Therefore, with much enthusiasm, we are coordinating the program and event.  We believe the impact of Winter Wishes will extend beyond the walls of our school and leave a lasting impact on our students and those who donate or participate.

The success of this adventure depends greatly on contributions from our community.  We are reaching out to teachers, students, parents, residents, alumni, businesses, and friends.  Almost all wishes will require an expense and we know we cannot accomplish the level of success we desire without your help.  All donations small or large are appreciated.  Thank you for your participation and for being involved in the lives and devlopment of the young people in our community and school.

All of this ends wednesday December 20th, 2017 at the winter wishes program at 11:00 am. Please come and enjoy the day with us at the high school gym .
                                                                                      from mrs melissa evon’s go fund me page

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