Class Attributes

The Class of 2018 has already nominated and voted for this years Class Personalities and they go as following:

Class Flower: White Rose
Class Colors: Red and Black
Class Motto: “It’s fine…really. Everything’s fine.”
Best All Around: Ashton Attig and Haliyah Penn
Best Smile: Nathan Marrero and Madison Christian
Best Dressed: Jacob Dawson and Jessica Howard
Best Looking: Caleb Carr and Madison Moran
Class Clown: Jaken Snider and Carla Childs
Friendliest: Dawson Dudark and Jami Wynne
Wittiest: Brady Hightower and Diona Poahway
Most Dependable: Dallas Shaw and Kendra Tosee
Most Likely to Succeed: Zach Bridges and Valerie Cruz Ortiz
Most Talented: Jacob Butler and Sharon Muth
Most Popular: Tristan Carr and Jordan Russell
Most Athletic: Lewis Shepard and Christina Jenkins
Biggest Flirt: Landon Brewer, Madison Winsett, and Kyrstin Schmidt

Picture credit: Medium’s Personality Tests: Why Are We Obsessed With Labeling Ourselves

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