Parts of Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge Closed

It could have been a perfect day out at Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge. That perfect day turned sour for many on Saturday. The Visitor’s Center was closed and the gates to drive upto Mount Scott were locked. Numerous cars pulled up to the visitor’s center and then having to turn around realizing it was closed. Some areas at the refuge were open, while others such as Mount Scott’s gates to drive up the mountain were closed. Which forced people to park their cars at the bottom and walk the whole way up the mountain. Friends of the Wichitas posted to their Facebook page on Friday to tell visitors to the refuge to use caution, because volunteers will not be at the refuge to help guide visitors. Parts of the refuge closing was due to the government shutdown that recently occured. The refuge is still open to the public, but no government facilities will be open. Those parts of the refuge will remain closed until further notice.

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