Breakfast with the Easter Bunny

On Saturday, March 24, 2018, the Easter Bunny will be in Elgin at Tiny Mae’s Bar & Grill. The event is going to start at 8 a.m. and will end around 9 a.m.- meaning that the event will last about an hour. Seating is limited, so if you are interested please do not hesitate to contact the Elgin FFA Mother’s Club at the email provided below. If you are interested the tickets are $15 each/per person.

The Elgin FFA Mother’s Club will email you back an invoice for payment. Reservations are not complete until payment is received.

Come enjoy breakfast with the Easter Bunny! Eat tasty pancakes, bacon, hashbrown casserole, coffee, milk, and juice are also on the menu.

You can also bring your camera and take a picture of your little ones with the Easter Bunny.

All proceeds will benefit the Elgin FFA Mother’s Club.

Elgin FFA Mother’s Club email:
Tiny Mae’s Bar & Grill located at 9201 State Highway 17, Elgin, OK 73538
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