Pitching By Jacob Shuts Out Chickasha, Owls Takes The Win

April 26th, 2018 Game 2

Jacob Dawson threw a shutout to lead Owls past Chickasha 6-0 on Thursday. Owls secured the victory thanks to five runs in the fifth inning. Lance BianchiniTj Neidert, and Braeden Shackleford each had RBIs in the frame. Owls notched five runs in the fifth inning. The big inning was thanks to singles by Neidert and Shackleford and a double by Bianchini. A single by Austin Albright in the third inning was a positive for Chickasha. Dawson led things off on the rubber for Owls. He lasted seven innings, allowing three hits and zero runs while striking out eight. Brandon Williams toed the rubber for Chickasha. He allowed seven hits and five runs over four innings, striking out five. Albright threw three innings in relief out of the bullpen. Owls collected nine hits on the day. Jaken SniderNeidert, and Shackleford each collected multiple hits for OwlsSnider went 3-for-3 at the plate to lead Owls in hits. Albright led Chickasha with two hits in three at bats.

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Four RBI Day For Lance Bianchini Spells Out Victory For Owls Over Chickasha

April 26th, 2018

Lance Bianchini drove in four on two hits to lead Owls past Chickasha 15-2 on Thursday.Bianchini drove in runs on a single in the first and a home run in the second. In the first inning, Owls got their offense started. Kendrick Black drove in one when he singled. Owls tallied seven runs in the third inning. BlackTj NeidertJacob DawsonBraeden Shackleford, and Trevor Bianchini all contributed in the big inning with RBIs. Jaken Snider toed the rubber for Owls. He went three innings, allowing zero runs on one hit, striking out two and walking zero. Cody Freeman started the game for Chickasha. He went two and a third innings, allowing 15 runs on 12 hits and striking out two. Aj Scifies threw one and two-thirds innings out of the bullpen. Owls scattered 13 hits in the game. NeidertBianchiniBlackJake Meents, and Bianchini each racked up multiple hits for OwlsBianchiniMeentsBlackBianchini, and Neidert each managed two hits to lead OwlsMat Wilson went 2-for-2 at the plate to lead Chickasha in hits.

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Teacher Appreciation Week

Teachers do a lot to educate us.

Teachers have one of the most important jobs.  Without teachers, no one could be doctors, scientist, or leaders for the future and they are given little recognition for it.

Next week, April 30 – May 4th, show your favorite teacher(s) that you appreciate them.

You can get them some candy, school supplies, or just a Thank You card.

Elgin teachers do a lot to help you be successful and it is time to show appreciation for all teachers who take their time to teach us.

One hand can make a difference.

Join hands with the Elgin Community Library as they raise money for their new LARGER facility located at 108 Thoma Drive.  To help with the costs of remodeling and the needs of a larger facility, members of the Elgin community are invited to cover their hand with either blue, red, orange, purple, or green glaze and make a handprint on a ceramic tile.

Each tile costs $20 and will have your handprint and first name on it.  The tiles will be mounted on a wall in the new library.  Elgin Public Schools Superintendent, Nate Meraz, has given Ruth Crittendon, EHS Art Teacher, permission to fire the tiles for the fundraiser.

Schedule a time to make your handprint tile by calling Librarian Leslie Durham at (580)492-6650


Teacher Appreciation Week

Our Teachers Work very hard. We need to show them appreciation. Please give Rolos to the art room by friday afternoon. Art Club is also Friday 3:30pm to 5:00pm, you don’t need to be in Art Club to help out. So please come on down to the art room at 3:30 or later. You can also do something yourself for a teacher or teachers.Image result for teachers

-Photo taken by Kaitlyn Bouchillon





Legalizing Medical Marijuana?

On June 26th, 2018 there will be on box on the ballot for legalizing marijuana.

If you vote yes, you are voting for the legalize the licensed cultivation, use, and possession of marijuana for medicinal purposes. If you vote no, in most cases everything stays the same.

The bill 788 would allow for people to carry up to 3 ounces and have upto 8 ounces at home.  A 7% tax would be place on all legal marijuana sales which would be spent on government costs, education, and rehabilitation.

Picture: http://www.the-declaration.org/2016/11/09/amnesia-at-the-ballot-box/

Drunk Driving

53eccb9a9bf19-1-1522073204-5100Prom is Saturday, April 28 and although it isn’t a good thought there will most likely be a few teens drinking and driving. Deaths caused by drunk driving have reduced by a third over the last ten years but still take more than 10,000 lives a year. The effects of driving drunk can last longer than just prom night. Accidents caused by drinking can last lifetime and can leave you impaired or even worse, dead. Alcohol reduces the function of the brain and slows things down, thus called a depressant. As levels of alcohol rise, negative effects increase. Alcohol is immediately absorbed into the walls of the stomach and small intestine and passes into the bloodstream. Your alcohol levels are measured by the weight of the substance in a volume of blood, called Blood Alcohol Concentration or BAC. At .05 BAC, you would experience difficulty steering and reduced muscle control while at .08 you would experience short term memory loss and trouble controlling speed. The crash risk increases greatly at .08, which makes it illegal to drive in all 50 states with any BAC higher. However, if you are under the drinking limit it is illegal to drive with any alcohol in your system. Out of all alcohol-related crashes, one third of them will be fatal. When driving, always remember to be safe rather sorry.


source: https://www.google.com/search?q=drunk+driving&rlz=1CALEAI_enUS794&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjCxOzY2tjaAhWkdt8KHQrSBX0Q_AUICygC&biw=1366&bih=654&safe=active&ssui=on#imgrc=hvD5JyaW7zq3eM: