One more day of school left

Attention all students the final day of school and testing is tomorrow, make sure you are ready for your test and make sure you pass and if you are a senior congratulation on finishing high school and now you all are off to collage and or working. To every student have a fantastic summer and see you next year. For the up an coming freshmen here’s a little bit of advice just focus on turning stuff in and you’ll do just fine in all your classes.

For me personally the final days of school are the worst because they are so slow and the day is long and tiring also all the classes are so quiet yes testing is a part of it but even after people finish the test its still super quiet like in physical science today we only had to do like thirty questions. I think and everyone was done except for this on girl and by the end of class she was only on question 19 then the bell rang so thanks to her we have to be quiet again until she finishes the test the wasnt even that hard in the first place.

Okay but in all seriousness in sure we can all agree that we all are happy that summers here and now we can all go on vacation and go to the beach and just relax and sleep in and be with friends and have fun.



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