Colton Kitchens

My name is Colton Kitchens i love to go to work and slave away. I play video games a lot because it’s easy to lose yourself in them. I love to work it gives me money and i love money. Currently i balance going to work, school and relaxing. I love memes it really brings me a sense of joy anytime i open instagram and see a high quality mom.

Joshua Guthrie

Hello. My name is Joshua Guthrie and I am an 11th grader here at Elgin High School. Currently, I am a writer here at The Nest. In my free time, I like to play video games and watch movies. I also enjoy making people laugh.

Feel free to inform me of your news at my email, and I’ll gladly report on it here on The Nest. You can contact me at,


Donavan Jameson

Hello and welcome back to the school year! I would like to say that this year of 2018-2019, we will be doing broadcasts and articles that’ll give you information about what’s going on inside the town of Elgin. To start off with my name, i’m Donavan Jameson, a junior at Elgin high school. If there are any questions or side notes, please feel free to contact me at . #GOOWLS

Charles Adams

My name is Charles Adams, I am new to the Digital Broadcasting class. I’m in 10th grade (sophomore) at Elgin High School.  As a writer I report news that affects our local area that includes Elgin and Lawton news (that affects our community), media, and social events. I don,t have much writing experience out side of school, it’s not my strong suit, but I’ll give it my best. If anyone has any news or information that you would like me to report. You can reach me at I will try to answer all the requests that I can.

Matthew Diffenderfer

My name is Matthew Diffenderfer and my family is in the military. I was born in St. Louis and immediatly after I was born we moved to Maryland. After seven years in Maryland we moved to San Antonio for three years. After that we moved back to Maryland for two years and then came here. Now we have orders to move to Germany and we will we go as soon as they release them. I will be writing about events happening in the community and you can tell me about any news you here of at result for usa germany map

Garrett Cooper

Hello, my name is Garrett Cooper. I am attending Elgin High school. I’m part of the robotics team, the Track & Field team, and the Digital Broadcasting news team. I will be posting news articles about Sports games, Up and coming events in Lawton and Elgin, and School events. If you need to contact me,  my email is

Briana Ornelaz

Hi, my name is Briana Ornelaz. I am a writer for The Nest Digital Broadcasting class. So before you start reading my articles here’s a little bit about me.I like being active but laying in bed can be nice. I like reading, books my favorite genre is historical fiction. I like to paint, write, or play video games in my freetime. If i could go anywhere in the world, i’d go to texas because that’s where all my friends are.

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If you have any news you would like to see on The Nest please contact me at My Email.