Yesterday April 21, 2017 was the state stunt competition at OBU. Elgin played Norman North at 3:25pm. Elgin did very good. They looked phenomenal for it being there first year where on Norman North’s team they have been doing stunt competitions for 3 years. The score was 20 to 0. Elgin competed against one of the best teams. We are very proud of the Elgin high school stunt team congratulations even if yall didnt win Elgin did very good!

Stunt updates

This week on Thursday April 13, 2017 was a stunt competition for cheer in Chandler. That has been cancelled. There will not be a replacement game! The next competition is State. We do not know what time or where it will be at or who they will play against. The bracket has been made and will be sent out sometime this week or then following week. The girls have now one full week until state to have and make everything look good , sharp, and clean ,and be ready for state. Good luck ladies!


Next thursday is the next stunt competition for cheer . The competition  in chandler. They leave at 2:00pm on that thursday.  Goodluck ladies!!! The next com is state. this is the last competition of the year it is the elimination round so first team to lose is out!! good luck ladies hope yall go good. Go support you stunt team on thursday!

stunt competition

Yesterday was Elgin high school cheer stunt competition in Jenks Oklahoma. We played Jenks and Broken Arrow. They did very good for it only being there second competition . They have changed and look a lot better then they did at the beginning when they were learning it.  They sadly lost , but we beat are own score YAY!! there next competition is in Chandler Oklahoma  April 8, 2017. Good Luck ladies keep up the good work!

Track meet

Today March 22, 2017 is the elgin public school track meet at the football field. High school and middle school will be in the track meet. The track meet started earlier this morning and will go on until 6:00pm or 7:00pm tonight. Good luck to everyone in the track meet. Come and cheer on your elgin high school and middle school track teams.


OYE is the Oklahoma youth expo where all of you FFA and 4-h showers come on the 8th of march to show there animals. THis is where all the hogs, cattle, sheep, goats, chickens, bunnies, and horse are shown. This is the biggest stock show of the year. Its where all of the breeds and the people showing get there names known to where they make at a lot of money. 1000s of people come and show its very cool and exciting. The first group to leave for OYE is the hogs , goats and sheep move in on March 8th 2017. Then the cattle go up on the 9th 2017. Then the rest will come in on the next week of March. Good luck!

County Stock show

This week is the county stock show. This stock show started on Monday was for everyone to set up and get ready for the week. Tuesday was the swine show. Today is the goat and sheep show. Thursday is the cattle show. At the end of the day after everyone has shown later Thursday night they will figure out who has made sale. If you get a phone call then you will find out if you made the sale or not. Friday will be the sale and round robin. The round robin is where other showers come and show all the animals. You will show a hog , cattle, sheep , and a goat. This will happen some time on Friday or Saturday. Good luck!!