Summer Fun


The ending of school and the beginning of summer can be bittersweet for many. Throughout the the entire school year, students count down the days until they are able to sleep in as late as they want, spend countless hours at the lake, better themselves in their sports, or go through as many netflix series possible. These are all very enjoyable things, but there will come a day where maybe you want to be bold or try something new. Here are some ideas to make Summer 2018 a memorable one.

  1. Have a bonfire with friends
  2. Go to the drive-in
  3. Catch fireflies
  4. Go hiking
  5. Watch the sunset from a beach
  6. Go to a concert
  7. Pick wildflowers
  8. Last minute road trip
  9. Kayaking
  10. Summer Camp
  11. Explore a farmer’s market
  12. Stay with your grandparents
  13. Have a waterballoon fight
  14. Go tubing on the lake
  15. Take a zoo trip
  16. Set off fireworks
  17. Attend a carnival you’ve never been to (or one you’ve been to)
  18. Ride a hot air balloon
  19. Eat at a new restaurant
  20. Make your own ice cream
  21.  Go rollerskating
  22. Camping trip
  23. Make new friends
  24. Go-cart racing
  25. Bowling
  26. Learn a new talent
  27. Play sand volleyball
  28. See the waterfalls at Turner Falls
  29. Water gun fight
  30. Stargaze

Tans may fade, but memories of summer last forever. You wait a whole year for summer, so go out and make as many memories as you possibly can. Those bittersweet moments from late lake nights to midday last minute lunch in the city. These are the times you will never forget.

Drunk Driving

53eccb9a9bf19-1-1522073204-5100Prom is Saturday, April 28 and although it isn’t a good thought there will most likely be a few teens drinking and driving. Deaths caused by drunk driving have reduced by a third over the last ten years but still take more than 10,000 lives a year. The effects of driving drunk can last longer than just prom night. Accidents caused by drinking can last lifetime and can leave you impaired or even worse, dead. Alcohol reduces the function of the brain and slows things down, thus called a depressant. As levels of alcohol rise, negative effects increase. Alcohol is immediately absorbed into the walls of the stomach and small intestine and passes into the bloodstream. Your alcohol levels are measured by the weight of the substance in a volume of blood, called Blood Alcohol Concentration or BAC. At .05 BAC, you would experience difficulty steering and reduced muscle control while at .08 you would experience short term memory loss and trouble controlling speed. The crash risk increases greatly at .08, which makes it illegal to drive in all 50 states with any BAC higher. However, if you are under the drinking limit it is illegal to drive with any alcohol in your system. Out of all alcohol-related crashes, one third of them will be fatal. When driving, always remember to be safe rather sorry.



Juniors and Seniors visit OK Kids Korral

On April 18, 11 Elgin juniors and seniors visited OK Kids Korral in Oklahoma City. OK Kids Kordownloadral is funded by the Toby Keith Foundation and is a place for children with cancer and their families to stay while they are going through chemo treatments. The main goal of OK Kids is to provide a normal environment for the children and their families. Included there is a gourmet kitchen, a play room, a playground, library and a movie room. The facility runs off donations and volunteer work. While visiting the facility, Elgin students help clean several rooms that families stay in, donated supplies, and helped create goodie bags for the families to carry with them when they go to the hospital. Freshman and sophomores will return shortly to volunteer and help for a good cause.

Wildfire Conditions Increasing

Oklahoma Forestry Services officials have reported a warning of an increased fire danger throughout the state.  The warm temperatures and the low humidity are predicted to expand burning conditions throughout the week.  Comanche County is currently not under a burn ban; however, Western Oklahoma and the panhandle is under a burn ban put in place by the Governor.  Major and Grant County are under burns issued by the county.  In the event a major fire is started, the U.S. Forest Service is providing aircraft and with the Oklahoma National guard has their helicopters ready to help if necessary.  Wildfires can be a serious problem.  When dealing with a fire, be smart and do the appropriate things to keep the fire contained and everyone safe.

For more information, click the links below:

Oklahoma Foster Homes

Oklahoma has had the greatest increase in foster homes in the in the nation in the past five years, according to a new study. Only 3 states out of the nation showed a constant or lower number of children and youth in foster ca with Oklahoma included in those 3. The Department of Human Resources reports that in Oklahoma today:

  • Children are more likely to safely remain in their homes while their families get much needed help
  • Children are more likely to be placed with family members when first entering foster care instead of an emergency shelter
  • When children are reunited with their families, they are less likely to be reentered into foster care
  • Children in foster care are faced with less moves

If you are interested in becoming a foster parent go to for more information




New study shows Oklahoma had greatest increase in foster homes in the nation

Drought Calls For Precautions

Most of southwest Oklahoma is under severe or extreme drought conditions. The dry conditions have called for officials to urge everyone who plans to visit the Wichita Mountain Wild Life Refuge to be extra cautious. The drought has put a few restrictions in place such as no open burning or campfires until the burn ban has been lifted. Oklahoma winds and dry gas can cause a grass fire to get out of control easily, which could endanger all the wildlife in the refuge and surrounding communities. If the drought conditions continue on into spring with no rain, not only will there be a drought but there wouldn’t be a normal growing season which will reduce the amount of food available for livestock.

Educational AP Literature Tour

Mrs. Keith is planning a trip to Europe in June 2019 with other high school students and teachers. Parent(s) of the students are also welcome to travel with the group. The trip will last 10 days traveling throughout England. Education First is the travel provider for the trip since their history and experience in education travel and their competitive pricing. There is more information about the company and their programs at Please let Mrs. Keith know if you are interested so she can add you to the email list. There is limited space on the tour and only 15-18 students from both schools will be selected.

There will be an informational meeting at 6 p.m. on Monday, January 29, 2018 at Elgin High School in room 3. Please make sure to RSVP so Mrs. Keith has enough materials for the meeting. If you are interested in more information before the meeting, here is the tour website. Here is Mrs. Keith’s email if you wish to contact her:


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