ZZ Top Concert


 On May, 13 the classic rock band ZZ Top will preform. The concert will begin at 8:00 p.m. in Whichita Falls on 1300 7th street. Tickets to this event will cost anywhere from 100 dollars to 260 dollars. ZZ Top have had multiple hits including Sharped Dressed Man, La Grange, Tush and many more. The 3 members of ZZ Top are all brothers.

Ambucs Car Show

Image result for classic cars                                                         On April 21-23 Ambucs will be hosting their annual car show Trykes and Treads at the Great Plains Coliseum on 20 South Sheridan. There will be lots of cool cars,motorcycles,good food,and lots of friendly people. If you are a fan of classic cars and cool bikes this will be the place for you to be on April 21-23.

Possibly the last year for the Apache Rattlesnake Festival!!!!


April 14-17 the 35 annual Apache Rattlesnake Festival will be held for the last time. The Apache city council and townspeople are in search of someone new to run the Rattlesnake festival . In 1983 when the Rattle snake festival started it was just a few people who thought it would be a good idea to control the rattlesnake population and bring them in for safety shows and butchering. Hopefully they can find someone new to run the festival so the generations to come can experience and learn about rattlesnake safety and all of the fun carnival rides and good food that has been enjoyed by friends and family for many years.

Waurika Rattlesnake Festival

img-3242The Waurika Rattlesnake Festival will start on April 6 and end on April 9. It will be on mainstreet in Waurika. There will be no performers at this years Rattlesnake Festival but there will be plenty of good home-aid food,drinks and family fun and carnival rides. There will be lots of cool stuff that you can buy at the garage sells and little kiosk shops up and down mainstreet,and while your there don’t forget to visit the famous Rattlesnake pit.

Thomas Rhett concert

b51311f56b71f1f1e102fccd8acba401                                          On March 25 Thomas Rhett will host a concert at the University of Oklahoma’s Lloyd Noble Center. Thomas Rhett is a famous country artist some of his hit songs include Happy Man,Crash and Burn and many more. Tickets for this concert vary anywhere from 47 dollars to 100 dollars each. Kelsey Ballerini another famous country star is opening for Thomas Rhett on March 25.

Livestock Sale


Image result for livestock auction

Today is the Livestock Sale. People are taking their livestock to Lawton, Oklahoma. People will bid and offer to buy their animals. There are over 200 animals up for auction. When you buy the animal, you receive it at OYE. This is a great way for kids to make money from their animals. There are goats, sheep, hogs, and cattle.