New Semester, New Classes


With the upcoming new semester, those planning for dual enrollment might want to consider doing it soon. The final opportunity to sign up for classes is January 17th.  It would be better to go in to sign up for classes though, because many people will decide to do it last minute. The admissions office for Cameron University is open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  Information for signing for undergraduate admissions will be available on the Cameron website.

Elgin Band Chili Cook-Off

The Elgin Band will be hosting their own Chili cook-off on December 9th, which is Tuesday, December 6th. The cook-off will be from 6pm-8pm in the High School cafeteria. Tickets are $5, if you decide to pre-pay, forms should be available in the band room, or you can pay $7 at the door if you don’t pre-pay. Children that are 3 & under will be free. Drinks (water, tea, and lemonade) will be provided, along with cornbread, crackers, and cookies. The High School Jazz Band, along with Solo and Ensemble performances will be providing live entert.

If you wish to compete, you must be 18 or older and fill out one of the applications that are available in the band room, and submitted to Mr.Palmer by December 2nd. The top 3 winners of the competition will receive a cash prize.

Elgin Pride Marching Band

To all,
This past Saturday,October 15th, The Pride of Elgin Marching Band attended the ECU Tigerpalooza Marching Band Contest in Ada, OK. The students performed very well in both prelims and finals competition! There were 13 total bands at this contest from classes 4A through 6A, 3 of them in our Class 4A. We brought home the following awards for their performances in prelims and finals competition. They are as follows:
o    Class 4A Outstanding Color Guard (1st place)
o    Class 4A Outstanding Drumline (1st place)
o    Class 4A 1st Place
After prelims, bands are ranked based on their total prelim points totals. All 13 bands were then selected to march again in Finals competition. In finals, all points are zeroed out and there is no distinction of class size (4A, 5A, 6A,). Here is the list of bands plus their point totals in Finals competition.
13th: 741-Hilldale (4A)
12th: 839-Cleveland (4A)
11th: 860-Putnam City (6A)
10th: 895-Del City (5A)
9th: 899-Duncan (5A)
8th: 912-Charles Page (6A)
7th: 915-Norman North (6A)
6th: 924-Shawnee (5A)
5th: 925-Durant (5A)
4th: 930-Elgin (4A)
3rd: 970-Putnam City West (6A)
2nd: 981-Deer Creek (6A)
1st: 1080-Westmoore (6A)
High Music:Westmoore
High Visual:Westmoore
High GE:Westmoore
As you can see, it was a good day for The Pride of Elgin!

Fall Baseball



The Fall season has come. So has the Baseball team, with our players Dylan McDonald and Jordan Pilgrim ready for the season. Games will be every Sunday from
9:00 A.M. — 11:00 A.M. or 1:00 P.M. — 3:00 P.M. Dylan McDonald plays Infield on the Fall team. Dylan and Jordan have both been playing as far back
as they could remeber. To them, Baseball has always been a part of their life, a strong Family influence brought them to take up Baseball when they were younger, and they still play today. So let’s give them some Elgin support for their coming game this weekend.