Trump’s New Military Parade

President Donald Trump has announced on March 3rd, 2018 he will have a military parade is set on Veterans Day. The question is why? Most likely to show military strength to the world like France, United Kingdom, Russia, China, and North Korea. Those are just some of the few examples. But the United States already had some, the reason why this is different is how modern american politics work.Image result for us military parade

Photo taken by Harry Harris

Road Safety

Attention students of elgin high, lately in oklahoma there has been 1,157 automotive accidents in 2018 so far. Please sign up for a driverĀ“s education for your own safety or if you have already it would not hurt to take offensive and defensive driving classes. We can’t control other driver’s. But we can help you the student be aware of these problems of the roads so you can be as safe as possible.

Number of accidents is reported by

Photo of the car on fire by Spencer Houghton.

Photo taken by John Houghton