SHREK WEEK Dress Up Days

Shrek.Monday: “Sleeping Fiona”- Pajamas, Onesies, Slippers and bathrobes.

Tuesday: “Get SHREK’T”- Gender Bender / Guys dress like Girls and Vice Versa

Wednesday: Why is this in my closet? Wear the craziest (yet school-appropriate) things you can find in your closet.

Thursday: “Straight Outta the Swamp”- Gold chains, basketball jerseys, backwards hats, baggy shorts, and your freshest sneakers.

Friday: Ogre Day- dress in all green, SHREK WEEK t-shirts, or even as Shrek!

We encourage all students to take part in this part and to dress up!!


SHREK Week Benefit Nights

SHREK Week is a charity week that will be taking place May 1st-6th 2017 put on by EHS StuCo. All the proceeds raised during the week will go to the regional Food Bank of Oklahoma.  During that week we have various events planned. Some include Benefit nights at different restaurants in Elgin and Lawton. Here are the scheduled benefit nights:

May 1st All day 10:45AM–10PM Monday: Chili’s

May 2nd 5pm-9pm, Tuesday: Tiny Mae’s

May 3rd Wednesday: Firo 11am-9pm and Trivets 2pm-8pm

May 4th 5pm-9pm Thursday: Qdoba

You must present at flyer at Chili’s and Firo for us to receive 10% and 25% of the proceeds. For Tiny Mae´s and Trivets just go in between the set times and we will receive  10% and 25% of the proceeds. At Qdoba you must donate the receipt for us to receive 10% of that night’s sales. If you are free any of these nights EHS StuCO invites you to help end hunger!!

Yearbook Staff 2017-2018


Mrs. Keith is taking applications for the year book staff for next year. If you are interested in yearbook you can go to Mrs. Keith’s’ room for an applications or if you have any questions for her. The yearbook staff usually consists of 8-10 people. Applications are next Thursday April 20, 2017 to Mrs, Keith.

Philanthropy Week T-Shirts


ATTENTION!! All EHS students Elgin High School Student Council is hosting a Philanthropy Week that will be taking place  May 1st-6th 2017.  Stuco has planned a series of events throughout the week. All the money raised will go to the regional food bank. The t-shirts have gone on sale for $15, you can choose from a regular t-shirt or a tank top. The order forms are due April 21st 2017 to Mrs. Cunningham. If you need an order form you can get one from Mrs.Cunningham or Emily Poindexter. We hope you are excited about this project as much as Student Council.

EHS Student Council Senior Prom

Senior Prom Logo3On April !4, 2017 Ehs Student Council will be hosting a prom for the residents at McMahon Tomlinson Nursing Center in Lawton, Ok from 6:30pm to 8:00pm. This will be Student Council’s 3rd year doing this. The reason they put this on every year is for the residents that don’t get any visitors and visit with the residents. They go to the nursing home and they take food, games, and they dance with them. Things like means the world to those residents that don’t get a lot of visitors, because now they have something to do and they actually get to talk with someone.

54 Years Later……


The Elgin High School Boys Basketball team has finally broke the curse. Friday night, March 3, 2017,  the Owls beat Anadarko by 3 points. The final score was 40-43. They will enter the 4A state tournament starting on Thursday March 9, 2017 against Fort Gibson at Deer Creek. Tip off is at 7 pm!! Elgin High School will be offering to take a pep bus that will leave at 4:30 from the high school gym. If you are interested in riding the pep bus there is a sign up sheet in the high school office.