National Honors Society

The National Honors Society here at Elgin will be sending out letters of acceptance no earlier than September 28th 2018. The forms to get in are due by friday, September 21st, to Mr.Ramos. You need to have a 3.0 GPA or better to be eligible to join, and if you get in you need to get ten hours of community service per semester. You can get hours for doing things such as extracurricular activites, chores, or activites that NHS provides, as long as there is a supervisor to sign for the service. Being in NHS looks really good on your college application and could even get you a scholarship.NHS-logo-3






Gulf Hurricane Brings Significant Rain to Great Plains

This week has been one of the wetest weeks so far this year (2018). A tropical system near the coast of Gerogia has brought a ton of moisture up from the gulf which has caused rain storms to pop up all over Texas and Oklahoma. Yesterday (9/5) Medicine Park, OK saw nearly two inches of rain, whereas Lwaton didn’t even hit an inch. There is still more rain to come through Monday and may cause severe flooding in the North West portion of Oklahoma.


Matthew Diffenderfer

My name is Matthew Diffenderfer and my family is in the military. I was born in St. Louis and immediatly after I was born we moved to Maryland. After seven years in Maryland we moved to San Antonio for three years. After that we moved back to Maryland for two years and then came here. Now we have orders to move to Germany and we will we go as soon as they release them. I will be writing about events happening in the community and you can tell me about any news you here of at result for usa germany map