Homecoming Mums

Help the Owlettes!!! Elgins Owlettes are currently selling homecoming mums. They’re selling the mums to fundraise for the owlettes the basic mum is $25 with garters and other add-ons ranging from $3-$5 dollars. The mums are 6.5″ round and 15″-20″ long perfect to hang around your legs to show your pride and support of our owlettes. The deadline to turn your money in is October 1. When turning your money in you can either give the form and money to an owlette or Mrs. Palmer in room 6.Image result for homecoming mums

photo credits: https://www.facebook.com/Blingn-Homecoming-Mums-100536110051336/

Colton Kitchens

My name is Colton Kitchens i love to go to work and slave away. I play video games a lot because it’s easy to lose yourself in them. I love to work it gives me money and i love money. Currently i balance going to work, school and relaxing. I love memes it really brings me a sense of joy anytime i open instagram and see a high quality mom.